Remote Asset Monitoring for OEMs

Yureca: YuDash Remote Monitoring and Control of Assets for OEMs

Machine and Utility OEMs have to supply their plants (assets) across the globe. Post sale maintenance, AMCs and performance tracking of such assets is a challenge. They include Industrial Utilities like Diesel Gensets, UPS, Compressors and Gas Plants. Utilities are expected to run 24x7 without breakdowns. In most of cases, AMC is taken by customer and onus is on OEMs to keep plants running in all (sometime hostile) environments.

Yureca: YuDash Remote Monitoring and Control of Assets

Yureca an ideal IoT based solution to OEMs to have real-time monitoring, control and configuration of deployed Assets. Key advantages:

  • Reduced cost of AMC, Service visits

  • Minimize Service visits and Travel expenses

  • Diagnose and Configure remotely.

  • Email alerts on deviations and Alarms.

  • Improved service levels with no dependency on customer's engineer.

  • Predictive fault detection.

  • Single/Map view of all assets deployed across the world

YuDash Yureca Implementation

YuDash team work closely with System Integrators and OEM automation partners for designing optimal IoT solution. It includes:

  • IoT integration with PLC and instrument in OEM control panel.

  • Selection of right network channel based on end customer

  • Design and development of dashboards

  • Choice of White labeled solution

  • Industry 4.0 Compliant Solutions

  • Remote PLC configuration features.

YuDash LYNX has been integrated with various PLC and instruments using MODBUS RS-485m MODBUS TCP/IP and other protocols.

Remote Monitoring of Assets Use Cases