YuDash believes in co-innovation, partnerships and ecosystem. It helps in supporting digital transformation journey of our esteemed customers. We partner with some of the great companies across the world, including IoT Platforms, ESG, Industry 4.0 and Industrial automation.

IoT Platform Partners

Ubidots IoT Platform

Ubidots is a leading Industrial IoT platform.  Industrial companies use Ubidots IoT software to launch amazing web and mobile applications for Condition Monitoring, Smart Manufacturing, Cloud SCADAs, Vibration Analysis, and more.

YuDash is IoT hardware partner and Certified Solution Partner of Ubidots IoT platform. YuDash IoT devices are being widely used with Ubidots worldwide.

YuDash Ubidots Partner Page

TagoIO IoT Platform

TagoIO is a leading Industrial IoT platform based in the USA.

YuDash is hardware partner and System Integrator of TagoIO. YuDash LYNX is certified Integrated device

YuDash TagoIO Partner page

Losant IoT Platform

Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful enterprise IoT platform designed to help teams quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. Losant uses open communication standards to provide connectivity from one to millions of devices and provides powerful data collection, aggregation, and visualization features to empower enterprise teams with new data insights. 

YuDash is one of technology partner of Losant. YuDash IoT gateways are easily integrated with Losant IoT platform.

YuDash Losant Partner page

Datacake IoT Platform

Datacake is a multi-purpose, low-code IoT platform that requires no programming skills and minimal time to create custom IoT applications that can be brought into a white label IoT solution at the push of a button.

Thingsboard IoT Platform

ThingsBoard is an open-source IOT platform for device management, data collection, processing and visualization. Please contact us for licensing, procurement and support for dedicated hosting.

YuDash is an authorized reseller of ThingsBoard in India.