About YuDash

YuDash Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2020, focused on Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. It is the brainchild of founder, Mr. Sunand Mittal, based upon his extensive experience in the fields of manufacturing and technology.

Sunand is a Computer Science graduate from NSIT, Delhi University. He has diverse experience of 19 years in software R&D, product development and entrepreneurship. He has worked in embedded, Video and CAD domain at Texas Instruments, Bangalore and holds 3 US patents. He has more than 12 years of experience managing Sukriti, a manufacturing company catering to Solar and Wire & Cable industry. His passion for process automation, quality & productivity improvements and technology led to the genesis of YuDash. In this journey, he is supported by his wife – Dr. Anubha Mittal. Anubha, co-founder of YuDash, is a dental graduate from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences. She takes care of finance and regulatory compliances of the company

YuDash has young team from different fields with passion for using technology for solving customer problems. Our Sales team is led by Jaswant Singh, with vast background in industrial automation.

Anubha and Sunand

Jaswant Singh

Team YuDash (July 2022)

Our Advisory Board

Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and has a proven track record of ...

Hormazd Charna

Hormazd has been a Corporate and Investment Banking professional with 16 years of experience ...

Praveen Ranjan Sinha

Praveen Sinha is currently the Managing Director of PinCap, an alternative lending platform focused ...

Rahul Singh

Rahul is an Entrepreneur at heart and has worked in various start-up assignments including in large ...

Prashant Arya

Prashant has 18+ years of experience with product and solution engineering in the enterprise ...

Vikas Goyal

Founder of Alt Commerce Pvt Ltd, a consulting and development company in Digital Commerce ...

Name Inspiration

The name YuDash finds its inspiration from the brilliance of ancient Indian Mathematician Acharya Pingala renowned for his text Chandrashastra. The name has been derived from the combination of symbols “U” and “-“. These epitomize the binary numbers zero and one as were originally referred to as “laghu” and “guru”. Inspired by such great Indian minds, we at YuDash intend to follow our passion and make India the hotbed of innovation, invention and modernization.