YuDash Energy Monitoring Solution

YEMS: Energy Monitoring Solutions

YuDash has been focused on using IoT for accurate energy monitoring solutions. Our team have successfully executed energy/power monitoring projects for various applications and use cases.

Based on our learning, we have learnt that quality is more important that the quantity. So, instead of capturing huge amount of energy data, we focus on projects to derive meaningful insights, improvements and alerts. Following are some of unique use-cases and KPIs in which YuDash solutions are being used for:

1) Daily/Shift Wise Energy consumption This information is utilized to identify consumption ikn idle (no-load condition). Energy leaks (misuse) were identified and corrective actions taken.

2) Power Factor Alert: Power Factor in factory operations is critical parameter that directly effects and energy bills. While customer use APFC controllers, but they are prone to degradation or faults over prolonged usage. YuDash IOT solution is used to monitor PF in real time using independent energy meter along with cloud based PF analytics. So, customer is alerted within 24 hours if average PF is below threshold.

3) Machine Utilization: Current consumption is used to have average machine utilization. This provides an accurate machine runtime over period of time. This provides deep insights on underutilized machines and time zones. In may use-cases, 10-15% machines were found under-utilized. In many cases, utilization was increased by customer by making them more operator friendly (fixing a counter/switch or fixing the ceiling fan).

4) Customer's Cloud/Server integration: In many cases, energy or machine process data is additional useful information along with MES/ERP information. For such applications, YuDash LYNX offers integration and data push to customer's server (local or cloud) in a flexible manner.

YuDash LYNX: IoT partner to Energy Meters..

YuDash LYNX is OEM agnostic IoT gateway for energy meters and electrical instruments. While energy meters perform all calcluations, IoT gateway has to read information in right manner for cloud dashboard and analytics. So, YuDash LYNX IoT gateway has to be friends with industry meters and understand their nuances (RS-485/MODBUS). YuDash LYNX has been integrated with almost all industry standard OEMS, including:

Schneider Electric | Selec | Secure | Elmeasure | Entes | Masibus

We don't recommend or deal in energy meters and let customer make their choice depending on use-case. Every OEM energy meter has its own set of features, accuracy depending on model and price point. In fact, accuracy, selection and correct wiring of CT (current transformers) is more critical than the instrument. For smaller current requirements, non-CT based MFMs (single or 3 phase) are handy to use.

Sample Energy Monitoring Weekly/Monthly Reports by YEMS

Industry 4.0 Use Case: Machine Utilization and OEE through machine Current Measurement

In one of customer's application, current of 15 machines on floor was passed through VAFs to measure realtime currents. Customer had put an HMI to capture the currents. But, it was not a usable solution as data was not being recorded or presented to top management.

The HMI was replaced with YuDash LYNX IoT gateway. Currents (Ampere) for all 15 machines are captured every 5 minutes ands pushed to YuDash cloud through WiFi.

Complete machine utilization and OEE is presented on dashboard in realtime. Threshold currents to identify idle vs actual load is identified and applied in dashboard.