Ubidots IoT Platform

Ubidots is a leading Industrial IoT platform.  Industrial companies use Ubidots IoT software to launch beautiful web and mobile applications for Condition Monitoring, Smart Manufacturing, Cloud SCADAs, Vibration Analysis, and more.

YuDash is IoT hardware partner and Certified Solution Partner of Ubidots IoT platform. YuDash IoT devices are being widely used with Ubidots worldwide.

YuDash LYNX to Ubidots IoT platform

The integration of YuDash LYNX with Ubidots IoT platform is explained through the video. An energy meter is read and data sent to Ubidots IoT platform. The step by step tutorial is available on Ubidots help website.

Basic understanding of Ubidots and YuDash LYNX is required. Please refer to LYNX documentation for specific details.

YuDash is Certified Solution Provider of Ubidots

Besides Hardware partner, YuDash is Certified Solution provider of Ubidots.

YuDash offers end-to-end IoT solutions in partnership with Ubidots. It includes YuDash LYNX IoT gateway, connectivity, SaaS platform and KPI dashboards.