YuDash offers IoT Gateways and edge devices. They support variety of Industrial protocols, network and connectivity options. All YuDash devices are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. We also application specific IoT devices within inbuilt sensors and logic. It drastically reduces cost and bill of material for solution providers.

YuDash LYNX IoT Gateway

YuDash ZENYX IoT Gateway

YuDash Yureca IoT Devices

Built over LYNX platform, Yureca family of IoT devices are application specific IoT devices. As per application, they are integrated with sensors to provide complete solution.

Following are some of features:

  • Wall Mounted.

  • Local Alarms for on-premise alerts.

  • Pre-Integrated with sensors

  • Suitable for Asset and Utilities monitoring (UPS, Generators)

  • Deployed at office reception, Guard Room and Engineering room.

  • Variety of display boards available: On device OLEDs, TFT screens.

  • External display sign boards for halls and external signage.